DIGICOM.D1.01 – Inventory of shareable practices


To make sure that the DIGICOM project already at the outset was inspired by ESS experiences and good practice, a wide-ranging inventory was established by means of a survey to all members of the ESS.

The survey covered the following fields:

DIGICOM component supported

Section of the inventory

WP1 – User Analysis Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  User satisfaction
  User needs assessment and user profiling
  User interaction via social media
  Web analysis
WP3 – Open Data Dissemination  Open Data (including Linked Open Data)
WP4 – Communication and promotion Communication strategy
  Outreach practices
  Statistical literacy activities and products

The inventory also contains two general sections on additional experiences and suggestions for the future.

An analytical report was established for the sections of the inventory corresponding to Work Package 1 (User Analysis).

Links to the deliverable

Full online inventory

Analytical inventory report for Work Package 1