DIGICOM.D1.02 – In-depth user analysis


An in-depth analysis of European statistics users was conducted from June until December 2016.

The main objective of the in-depth user analysis was to gain a better understanding of the different users of European statistics based on already existing information. The in-depth user analysis included a qualitative and quantitative approach in analysing the existing information on users of European statistics that are collected through regular interactions. The sources included the user support system, website analytics, user feedback from the user satisfaction survey and data from the e-reputation platform. Based on the result of the analysis, users of European statistics were categorised into three groups – light, intermediate and heavy users. 

The scope of this analysis was limited by the fragmented nature and a lack of comparability of information on users obtained from the four different sources. For effective relationship management and a wholesome overview of users, an integrated customer relationship management system that consolidates different interaction channels and key information on users would be necessary. Other recommendations included a deeper investigation of the users of European statistics in line with the new proposed categorisation to identify their needs more accurately, a continuous monitoring of users’ evolving needs and expectations through in-person and social media engagement, the development of a targeted user communication and engagement strategy.

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In-depth user analysis report