DIGICOM.D1.03 – User profiling


Between 2016 and 2019, over 100 current and potential users of European and national statistics participated in field studies and usability tests.

A user profiling exercise and usability tests were carried out between August 2016 and March 2018. The aim was to reach both current users of Eurostat data and products and potential users that were new to Eurostat and European statistics. Most of the participants effectively included turned out to be in the latter category.

Based on the Human-Centre Design Process, user research guidelines were also established. With these guidelines, statistical organisations have a broad, introductory overview of different types of user research activities, when to apply them and how.

The personas of users of European statistics were also developed in the user profiling exercise. These 5 personas are specific, visual and textual representations of groups of users of Eurostat dissemination products based on behaviours, goals and motivations of real users that allow empathy with and focus on real users in order to guide design of new dissemination products.  Following the DIGICOM principles of sharing and re-use, the Hungarian Central Statistical Office carried out their own user research (by means of professional user researchers) to test and adapt the users of European statistics. This resulted in the creation of 4 personas of users of HCSO statistics (by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office) as well as the design of a process for testing and adapting the personas of users of European statistics to the national context that could be applied by other NSIs.  

Links to the deliverable

User profiling - final report

Report with learnings on potential users

Guidelines on user analytics, user research and user personas for statistical organisations

Personas of users of European statistics

Personas of users of HCSO statistics