DIGICOM.D1.06 – Develop and set up pilot social network platform


The two selected platform solutions were piloted as follows:

  • The ESS Facebook page, “European Statistics”, aiming to reach out to potential users, was launched on 15 November 2016. A first pilot ran until March 2017. At its meeting in Brussels on 15 March, the members of WP1 agreed that the ESS Facebook page piloting should be extended to include all members of the ESS, and run until the end of 2017.
  • The European Statistics User Forum (The ESS social network for advanced users) was rolled out in January 2018

To support the two platforms, platform-specific internal guidelines were drawn up.

Links to the deliverable

The pilot social networks are both available online:

The ESS Facebook page “European Statistics”

The European Statistics User Forum

Platform-specific guidelines:

Internal guidelines for the ESS Facebook page

Internal guidelines for the European Statistics User Forum