DIGICOM.D1.08 – Roll-out of social network platform


Following the positive experience from the piloting phase, the 19 February 2018 meeting of the DIGICOM Steering group decided to roll out the ESS Facebook page (“European Statistics”) on a permanent basis. 

The ESS Facebook page thereafter remained active until it was decided on 4 December 2019 to shut it down. It still remains online, but is no longer curated.

Apart from the overall deliverable (the platform), a number of important outcomes were achieved:

  • Hundreds of content items, (i) developed and (ii) translated from national language by the ESS National Statistical Institutes specifically for the purpose of appearing on the European Statistics Facebook page.
  • Inspired by the European Statistics Facebook page, many ESS National Statistical Institutes launched their own social media channels.

Link to the deliverable

ESS Facebook page (“European Statistics”)