DIGICOM.D2.01 – Statistical portrait on the state of Europe


A common product was developed serving as a new flagship product for the ESS. It was decided to produce a publication which should be written in a way that it is easily understandable; the tool should be shareable, either in its entirety, by individual building block or a single interactive graphic; special attention should be given to the synchronisation of the text with eventual data updates. Moreover, the plan was to develop a multi-lingual product to improve the impact of national promotional actions.  

Since the flagship publication was designed to include the interactive tools foreseen in Action 2.2, the first physical meeting of the Steering Group (18-19 May 2016) concurred with the agreement made within Work Package 2 to merge Action 2.1 (flagship publication) with Action 2.2 (visualisation tools for the publication).  
From a content perspective, the flagship product was developed around
Women and men in the EU.  It was considered an interesting topic which could accommodate a broad range of indicators.

This common ESS product, the flagship publication “The life of women and men in Europe”, was the first of its kind and was the result of a collaborative effort of all NSIs. The project which started in November 2017 was able to keep the initial planning and the flagship publication was released the same day by all participating NSIs on 18 October 2018. The publication consists of a mix of short texts complemented by 14 dynamic visualisations and 6 static infographics.

Joint translation

The flagship publication was translated into 24 languages and covered 30 countries. In total, 36 country/language bundles were prepared and 28 bundles were published from NSI websites.

In addition to the initially foreseen ESS flagship product, it was agreed that the subsequent flagship publications “The European economy since the start of the millennium” and “People on the move – statistics on mobility in Europe” were to be translated into national languages. 

Simultaneous release

Furthermore, the release of the publication was preceded with common communications activities like a video trailer and a common press release. The video trailer prepared by Eurostat was also translated into 20 languages. 

Links to the deliverable

The flagship product “The life of women and men in Europe” (with translations carried out by the ESS NSIs):

Additional flagship publications (with translations carried out by the ESS NSIs):