DIGICOM.D2.03 – Implementation of promotion channels


Channels used

At the European level, the ESS flagship publication “The life of women and men in Europe” was promoted through the Eurostat website, a News Release, social media (Twitter and Facebook), a promotional video as well as through the related General Directorates of the European Commission on a European level. 

On a national level, several promotion action took place due to the fact that the publication was translated into all EU languages as well as Norwegian. 

An overview of the promotion carried out is provided in the article “First ESS digital publication — in 24 languages” in Issue 6 of the DIGICOM Newsletter.


The impact of the digital publication on social media and mainstream media was very high. For instance, the Bulgarian national TV dedicated 4 minutes during the daily evening news, presenting the findings of the publication in detail and showing most of the visualisations; the French newspaper Le Figaro published a 4 minute video discussing the publication; in other countries the publication sparked interest and led to active discussions in the main media portals (Tagesschau, Corriere della sera, Heute, Kathimerini). Also, numerous embeddings of individual visualisations of the publication were recorded on social media.

Between October 2017 and March 2018, the English version published on the Eurostat 
website had over 400 000 page views. The interest in parts of the publication tends to be rediscovered by social media. As an example, on the occasion of International Women's Day Eurostat tweeted the static infographic from the publication about the Gender Pay Gap on 7 March 2018 and it became Eurostat's most popular tweet with more than 3 million views in just a few days. 

Lessons learned

The practical working arrangements adopted during the project, like the distribution, translation and deployment processes were generally well accepted, although some countries suggested that more time should be allocated for validation purposes once the translation is done. The complete development of the publication which was done centrally by Eurostat and the release at the same day by all NSIs created a heavy workload.   

Link to the deliverable

Report on the promotion of the ESS flagship product