DIGICOM.D2.14 – Development of common visualisation guidelines


Sharing of visualisation

During 2017 and 2018, a number of visualisations were shared between National Statistical Institutes (NSI).  

The most visible example of successful sharing within the ESS was accomplished in October 2017 with the joint release of an ESS digital flagship publication on “The life of women and men in Europe”. This digital publication, which consists of a mix of text and various interactive and static visualisations, was translated into 24 languages and was published by 28 NSIs via their respective websites. The publication sparked quite some interest among the mainstream media outlets as well as on social media. 

For all shared visualisations, the technical developments are done centrally at Eurostat, the NSIs are taking care of translating the visualisations and subsequently making the visualisations available from their respective websites.

Guidelines based on sharing

Based on this common experience, the identified good practices have been compiled as practical guidelines when developing visualisations meant to be easily shareable, reusable and customisable between NSIs. 

It is important to note that these guidelines are not intended to be exhaustive; they are simply the outcome of the experience of sharing visualisations between NSIs of the ESS. Therefore, the guidelines also reflect practical choices made during the project with a specific focus on keeping the set-up as simple as possible. 

Consequently, the title was changed to “Guidelines on sharing visualisation tools between NSIs”.

Link to the deliverable

Guidelines on sharing visualisation tools between NSIs