DIGICOM.D3.01 – Linked Open Data – stocktaking and requirement gathering


Various summaries of the state of play in the ESS regarding Linked Open Data (LOD) were achieved during the course of the project: 

  • To make sure that the DIGICOM project already at the outset was inspired by ESS experiences and good practice, a wide-ranging inventory regarding various topics was established by means of a survey to all members of the ESS. This inventory comprised a specific strand on (Linked) Open Data, giving an overview of the state of play at the vast majority of ESS NSIs in 2016.
  • Eurostat commissioned an in-depth study on Linked Open Data, which ran from 2016 to 2017. The final report of the study includes an analytical inventory of the state of play of Linked Open Data in the ESS.
  • In 2019, Eurostat conducted a targeted survey to re-assess the level of maturity and awareness of the ESS NSIs in the area of Linked Open Data, their readiness for linked open statistics (LOS), as well as the impact of the recent activities of the LOS ESSnet. The report on the survey outcomes was presented at the 2019 joint plenary meeting of the ESS Directors of Methodology (DIME) and the ESS IT Directors Group (ITDG).

Links to the deliverable

2016 inventory of shareable (Linked) Open Data practices in the ESS

Final report of the study ESS Linked Open Data requirements

“Benchmarking ESS partners’ architecture and interoperability – Report including recommendations towards Linked Open Data” (Report on the 2019 survey)