DIGICOM.D4.07 – Gamification


National development of games

As described in the overview on development of statistical literacy products, a number of ESS NSIs (frequently supported by Eurostat grants) developed didactic games within the framework of DIGICOM Work Package 4.

Virtual reality game for European statistics

To benefit from the popularisation and recent affordability of Virtual Reality (VR) technology, Eurostat (supported by the Publications Office of the European Union) developed ViROS (“Virtual Reality for Official Statistics”), a virtual reality game for multiple platforms, including Android and iOS.

Following the successful presentation of ViROS at the DIGICOM final event, several NSIs volunteered to translate the text strings of ViROS into their national languages. As a consequence, the game is now (as per May 2020) available in 10 language versions. In view of the currently ongoing translations, ViROS is on course to become available in most of the official languages of the European Union. 

A second, more advanced, VR application (geared towards data analysts) is currently under development.

Links to the deliverable

Games in English – available in the Education corner

Overview of national statistical literacy products (including games in national languages)