DIGICOM.D4.10 – Promotion of statistical literacy products


The promotion of the wide range of statistical literacy products developed by DIGICOM was accomplished through various channels such as the ESS facebook page, the various twitter accounts of Eurostat and the participating Member States, press releases, website news items, etc.

To mention is especially the coordinated effort to communicate and promote the European Statistical Competition (ESC) jointly, with synchronised press releases issued on the same day in all the participating Member States.

Statistical literacy products (many of which were developed by DIGICOM) are systematically promoted through their inclusion in the Education corner. A concerted effort to promote statistical literacy products also took place at the Market Place of the DIGICOM final event (at which 8 out of the 14 stands presented statistical literacy products).

Links to the deliverable

Education corner

DIGICOM Final Event report
(see the “Market place” section)