DIGICOM.D4.13 – Experimental data and statistics – platform requirements


Based on the experience to date with disseminating experimental statistics, Eurostat presented the 2018 plenary meeting of the ESS Directors of Methodology (DIME) and the ESS IT Directors Group (ITDG) with two different options for the ESS experimental statistics platform: 

(A) A “hub”, hosted on the ESS website with a directory of links to the respective national sites.
(B) An “aggregator” of experimental statistics products, where links to individual ESS products, regardless of provenance, are displayed side-by-side.

The DIME/ITDG opted for option (A), i.e. the “hub” variant.

Link to the deliverable

Experimental statistics – document presented at the 2018 DIME/ITDG plenary meeting