Statistical literacy activities – Hungary

Facebook hashtag

In May 2018, the HCSO started a new hashtag on Facebook: „Tanulj statul” (learn statistics). Under this title explanations of statistical definitions, phenomena and methodologies are found. The heading is regular, and ontains explanations supplemented with interesting information and statistical data connected with the topic. The Hungary Facebook page is more popular than Twitter, the activity is higher on Facebook where the language of the posts is Hungarian. The content is suited of everyday people/users, the language and examples, explanations are as simple as possible.


Every year Hungary organises two competition:

  • STAT WARS for secondary school students. The competition was changed during the years. From 2019 – according to ESC rules – it is organised in two age group. Teams from schools overall the country have to solve statistical problems, answer to statistical questions. 
  • STAT WARS UNI for students. Competition take part university students who learn statistics. In several round the students meet statistical problems, which has to solve, and have to make analysis and presentation about an actual topic. During this competition HCSO cooperate with universities to work out task and questions, and the teachers from universities take part in jury too.


Hungary takes part in throughout the country organised programs too. For example there is a program for secondary students to make better financial literacy. HCSO was invited to take part in this program to extend topic finance with statistics. In September there is a program „Researchers’ Night” for university students, teachers, researchers. Last year HCSO took part on this event with presentation about several interesting social phenomena (for example singles in the society) and statistical exhibition. 

In the future, Hungary aims to follow and enlarge the activities which are based on the DIGICOM project.