Statistical literacy products – Bulgaria


As games, in any form, increase motivation through engagement, on one hand and as in Bulgaria there are not a lot of attractive tools for teaching statistics.

(1) Hosting of physical Exploristica exhibition

The Bulgarian NSI is has adapted the Exploristica material to the Bulgarian context, and hosted the physical Exploristica exhibition.

(2) Translation of Exploristica VR app

Applying game principles to non-game situations - for example – the census, the Exploristica gives ample opportunity for students to better understand statistical data, statistical methods and processes in form of games and other interactive experiences. To add to this experience, Statistics Portugal is currently working on the Exploristica VR-based app to stay relevant and interesting for younger audiences. BNSI has translated the app into Bulgarian.

Together, the games teach fundamental concepts in probability and statistics, from the mathematics curriculum. 

Link to the statistical literacy product

Link to the Bulgarian version of Exploristica will become available very soon under: