Statistical literacy products – Croatia



In Croatia, teachers are constantly looking for different ways to help students learn. That is why the Croatian Bureau of Statistics developed STEDy – Statistical Educational Portal. The plan was to develop an interactive web tool, intended for supporting the area of statistical literacy, which could serve as an educational material in the process of self-learning. 


The idea for developing this kind of e-learning interactive tool for statistical literacy came from Seeing Theory, created by Daniel Kunin with the support of Brown University’s Royce Fellowship Program. STEDy – Statistical Educational Portal contains interactive visualisations for statistical concepts, ranging from basic statistical measures (e.g. median) to more complex methods (e.g. prognostic models).

The content of this portal was drawn up with the assistance of professors from the J. J. Strossmayer University of Osijek: Full Professor Mirta Benšić, Assistant Professor Danijel Grahovac and Associate Professor Nenad Šuvak. The portal is designed in such a way that users can interact with data directly in the visualisation and observe the result. 

Target audience

This educational portal is created mainly for students and teachers, but also for the general public. This kind of web application gives teachers an excellent chance to demonstrate and visualise the statistical subject matter more clearly and comprehensibly, and enables them to prepare study material for students. The portal is bilingual (English and Croatian) therefore, teachers and students who are not from Croatia can use it as well. 

Link to the statistical literacy product

Statistical Educational Portal (https://stedy.hr/)

The English and Croatian versions are accessible via the same link; the language selection is done in the top right-hand corner.