User personas

Personas of users of European statistics

The personas of users of European statistics are specific, visual and textual representations of groups of users of Eurostat dissemination products based on behaviours, goals and motivations of real users that allow empathy with and focus on real users in order to guide design of new dissemination products. They can be used for different purposes, and preferably a combination of purposes:

(1) to communicate research findings outside the project team that conducted the qualitative research,

(2) to gain empathy with users while designing,

(3) to get inspired and guide ideation processes,

(4) to align team members and stakeholders,

(5) to guide design decisions,

(6) to validate designs.

The personas of users of European statistics are representative of Eurostat’s larger user base, and are based on the qualitative research (field studies, including observations and interviews). The 5 personas represent cross sections on a continuum between very light and very advanced users. Demographic details such as names, gender, age and even job descriptions, are added to the personas to make them more human and to facilitate empathising with them. These attributes could all be replaced, but they help to make sure you are discussing the same archetype of user.

Adaptation of user personas to the national context

Following the DIGICOM principles of sharing and re-use, the personas of users of European statistics have been adapted into 4 personas of users of HCSO statistics (for use by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office).