2014 12 04 Luxembourg

Joint Eurostat – ECB

Steering Group on Seasonal Adjustment Meeting

Tuesday, 2 December 2014 (09.30-16.30)

Eurostat, BECH building, room B2/464

5, rue Alphonse Weicker

L-2721 Luxembourg 





1.     Approval of the agenda


2.     Points for information

2.1.     Report from developers (presentation)

            2.1.1.   Proposal for a revision policy for JD+ (presentation

            2.1.2.   Proposal for a central repository of JD+

2.2.    Report of activities SACC   


3.     Points for discussion

              3.1.     Endorsement of JDemetra+ for production in the ESS

3.2.     Revision of the ESS Guidelines on SA

3.3.     Data dissemination: SA figures vs. trend-cycle component (presentation)

3.4.     Cooperation with ESS Working Groups in the area of Seasonal Adjustment

3.5.     Seasonal Adjustment Handbook


4. Membership of the Seasonal Adjustment Steering Group, presentation  (current mandate


5. Next steps


6.     Any other business