Ideas for SGA-2 (WP1)1

Bullet points as shown in SGA-1 "Future Perspectives"

  • Explore the feasibility of webscraping job vacancies from enterprise websites using the approach developed by WP 2 *
  • Depending on feasibility, develop methodology to produce experimental job vacancy estimates for 5-6 Member States. Compare the different web scraped estimates with selected current estimates about job vacancies in terms of quality aspects, timeliness, detailed level of job specifications as well as detail of level of production. Understand the critical factors in the use of such data such as representativeness. It is expected to find differences in small counties compared to bigger ones.
  • Explore new statistical products in the domain of job vacancies.
  • Explore whether the findings of this pilot can be used for new applications. For example, relating vacancies to the demand for skills.
  • Explore whether the findings of this pilot may lead to better international comparability.
  • Preparation of final technical report.

Other ideas

  • 2 day Workshop on Web scraping job vacancies (October 2017, Newport/UK??). ESSNet would fund travel and subsistence costs for a person from each member state to attend. Would also invite other interested players (e.g. CEDFOP, JRC, Eduworks, Commercial suppliers)