Background information for EU-SILC

Public microdata for EU-SILC have moved

The public microdata (Public Use Files) for EU-SILC have now moved from the project environment to the Eurostat production envirnoment: http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/web/microdata/public-microdata.

Gradually more data will become available (more countries and more years). Access no longer requires registration.

Background information for EU-SILC

The EU-SILC (EU Statistics on Income and Living Conditions) Public Use Files (PUFs) were created to enable interested parties to become familiar with using of EU-SILC microdata while protecting the privacy of data providers (Principle 5 of the European Statistics Code of Practice). The Public Use Files consist of fully synthetic data simulated using statistical modelling and statistical distributions in the original data. They have specifically been produced for testing purposes and education. The data structure of the EU-SILC PUFs is the same as for the EU-SILC Scientific Use Files (SUFs) although not all variables have been simulated (like Flag variables) and are hence empty in the PUFs. They provide researchers and trainers the opportunity to develop programs using identical formats and variable names to those that appear in the actual EU-SILC SUFs.

The PUFs  are tailored to the following purposes:

  1. to enable accredited researchers to develop and write a code that may eventually be applied to the actual EU-SILC SUFs after the access is granted;

  2. to train accredited researchers on the use and complexity of conducting analyses with the EU-SILC PUFs prior to initiating the process to obtain access to the actual EU-SILC SUFs;

  3. for statistical training.

The data cannot be used for any statistical inference to a wider population. With these data it is not possible to make generalised statements about individual characteristics or relationships between different personal or household characteristics. These files have limited research value; only the EU-SILC SUFs provide a basis for valid analysis. Any calculations based on PUFs or the conclusions drawn from them are to be produced at the sole risk and responsibility of the user with no warranty for accuracy or reliability given by the NSI that produced these EU-SILC PUFs or by Eurostat. Furthermore neither the NSI that produced these EU-SILC PUFs nor Eurostat can be held responsible for any improper use of this data.

The Public Use Files are developed in agreement with article 19 of Regulation 223/2009 on European statistics.

A description of the variables is available in this document from page 78 onwards.

In the current phase only public use files will be published for the seven countries that participate in the Centre of Excellence on Statistical Disclosure Control (AT, DE, FI, FR, HU, NL, SI) and only for the years 2012 and 2013. Currently available are the files for Finland, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands and Slovenia.

In a later phase public use files of other EU countries and for other years will be added.