Centre of Excellence on Data Warehousing

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The Centre of Excellent on data warehousing and the helpdesk function were discontinued in 2019.  Data management and data governance remain a key issue for the modernisation of official statistics especially in the context of the data revolution (big data) and the potential new roles of NSIs in the new European data ecosystem

If you want be updated on recent developments and innovation in this area, please follow the activities on the new CROS portal


The main goal of the Centre of Excellence on DWH was to offer (ad-hoc) support and consultancy to ESS members on designing and implementing data warehouse projects.

Our strategic direction was to build on our established generic S-DWH architecture by:

  • including non-survey data sources
  • addressing dissemination challenges
  • aligning with enterprise reference architecture 
  • preparing for modern data architecture to enable data analytics/discovery

They were a virtual body of experts drawn from European NSIs, and meeting regularly (in person and via WebEx etc) to maintain the expertise and knowledge, anticipate future development, and coordinate interactive support in a dynamic manner.

“Gain knowledge once, re-use many times”



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