Cologne 2011

ESSnet Workshop Cologne 27- 28 October 2011

Background information

ESSnet projects have been developed to cover methodological activities to be managed directly and merely by the ESS members. These should nevertheless be understood in the broad sense including, for example, the development of tools for a specific phase of statistical production; the drafting of guidelines; and the establishment of standards.

A first ESSnet workshop was organised in May 2010 in Sweden.
This workshop  was the second ESSnet workshop and lasted 1.5 day. It  took place in Cologne, Germany, on 27-28 October 2011.

The objectives of this workshop were:

  • to continue the dialogue between existing and future ESSnets while sharing knowledge and best practices in the technical and methodological fields covered by the ESSnet projects,
  • to allow for a common understanding and presentation of technical matters,
  • to build on the actions launched so far to elaborate synergies and future collaborations.


List of participants

Final report