DIGICOM results

How to learn about the DIGICOM results?

  • For a full overview of the DIGICOM project as a whole you can read the DIGICOM final report
  • To learn about why DIGICOM was launched, the DIGICOM outcomes, and how you and your organisation can benefit from the DIGICOM results, you can check out the 10-minute video presentation delivered at the NTTS 2021 conference.
  • To learn about a specific DIGICOM deliverable,  you can click on the links below.
  • To read very short summaries of selected deliverables, you can check out the #DIGICOMadventCalendar hashtag on LinkedIn and Twitter 
  • To flip through all DIGICOM deliverables in a single PDF document, you can click on "export all subpages" at the very bottom of this page.