DIGICOM user profiling exercise - final report

Document date: 
Monday, 18 May, 2020

The scope of the user profiling exercise was to gain a deep understanding of users’ needs and behaviours when it comes to using tools to access and interpret European statistics.

Individual sessions of 1½ hours were set up with (potential) users from 10 different user groups for a remote, in-depth interview in the users’ natural environment combined with an observation of how they typically make use of Eurostat and European statistics.

Forty sessions took place, spread over three waves over the course of two months between the beginning of August and the beginning of October 2017. All insights were gathered by using the website and tools as they were at that point in time. Any changes made since then are not taken into account.

After presenting the main findings, this report documents the approach followed to carry out the user profiling exercise, the recruitment of users and the results.