ESS Vision 2020 DIGICOM

DIGICOM stands for Digital communication, User analytics and Innovative products. The project ran from 2016-2019, with the goal to create new, innovative dissemination products, tools and services for European statistics. The idea is that Eurostat and the National Statistical Institutes across Europe worked together in four fields (or four “work packages”) on:

  • innovative user interaction
  • modern visualisation tools
  • easy access to data, (linked) open data,
  • communication and promotion (including stakeholder outreach, gamification and statistical literacy).

The DIGICOM newsletter provides summaries about the project activities.

Lean about the DIGICOM results!

For a comprehensive read about the outcome of the DIGICOM project in the DIGICOM final report. Each of the 55 DIGICOM deliverables is online at:


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