DIME - Directors of Methodology

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DIME is a director group of Eurostat - one of the European Commission Directorates-General. The chair of the group comes from Eurostat and members are directors of methodology of member countries of European Statistical System (ESS). ESS consists of member states of European Union and EFTA-countries and EU candidate countries. The work of DIME is based on cooperation of its members and the goals are linked to ESS-wide statistical challenges.

The aim of DIME is to enhance cooperation between member states, recognise methodological challenges in production of statistics, enhance standardisation of statistical production processes, introduce statistical recommendations and provide advice to European Statistical Committee (ESSC) in strategic matters.

This website on CROS-portal is dedicated to DIME activities and it functions as repository for relevant documents of this group. The objective is also to give more publicity and transparency to work of Directors of Methodology.

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