Dissemination of Business Statistics (Theme)


Before the dissemination starts, the business statistics are produced, examined in detail and made ready for dissemination. For statistical outputs produced regularly, the analysis of outputs, their validation and application of disclosure control occur in every iteration, before the dissemination of the statistical products can start. In this module the dissemination of statistical products is described as in phase 7 “Disseminate” of the GSBPM (Eurostat, 2009), as related to other phases in the GSBPM, for instance phase 1 “Specify needs” (cf. the module “User Needs – Specification of User Needs for Business Statistics”), phase 2 “Design” (cf. the module “Overall Design – Overall Design”), and phase 9 “Evaluate” (cf. the module “Evaluation – Evaluation of Business Statistics”). These phases are applicable fully to the production and dissemination of business statistics. The value of statistical products does not depend only on the amount and quality of data produced but also on the use that is made of them. We refer to the Code of Practice (Eurostat, 2011) principles 11 on Relevance: European Statistics meet the user needs, and principle 15 on Accessibility and clarity: European Statistics are presented in a clear and understandable form, released in a suitable and convenient manner, available and accessible on an impartial basis with supporting metadata and guidance. An adequate dissemination policy applies in order to maximise user satisfaction.


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