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Target Group

The training course is aimed at Data Providers who use EDAMIS to transmit data to Eurostat through the EDAMIS Web Portal. The course also targets national Transmission Coordinators and Eurostat domain managers who manage parts of the information in EDAMIS and who need to monitor the transmission and delivery of data to Eurostat.

The EDAMIS courses are divided in modules. The modules take in account the different EDAMIS functionalities to which different user groups have access.

  Data Providers Transmission Coordinators Domain Managers
Basic X X X
Intermediate   X X
Advanced   X X


By the end of the course, users will be able to:

  • Make transmissions and retrieve files and feedback.
  • Consult and understand the EDAMIS reports.
  • Learn how to manage the Inventory on EDAMIS (users, organisations, domains and datasets).
  • Learn how to manage widgets and notifications.



The course will cover the information and functionalities related to EDAMIS Web Portal and will include:

Basic : addressed to Data Providers, and Transmission Coordinators or Domain managers who want to refresh their knowledge about EDAMIS tool:

  • Description of EDAMIS tool.
  • An overview of  the different functionalities to manage the transmissions and delivery of data files and feedback.
  • An overview of the different reports related to transmissions in EDAMIS.
  • Live demo example.

Intermediate: addressed to Transmissions Coordinators and  Eurostat Domain Managers:

  • Overview of domain and dataset management.
  • Overview of organisation and user management.
  • Overview of the reports linked to:
    • Transmissions
    • Users
    • Datasets / Country / Organisations
    • Timetable and deadlines
    • Reminders
    • Inventory
  • Live demo example.

Advanced: addressed Transmission Coordinators and Eurostat Domain Managers:

  • Key management and emails related to the keys.
  • Live demo example.













Course for Data Providers: 2 times per year.




Course for Data Providers: 2 hours and a half.




Course for Data Providers:  Online.

How to connect to Webex user guide.



How to apply

To apply for the different modules, please go to the training calendar and follow the instructions given in the specific training event. 


Material from previous editions

EDAMIS webinars



For more information about this course, please contact ESTAT-DATA-METADATA-SERVICES@ec.europa.eu