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[no-lexicon]During the last period 2012 -2014 an MBGA was set up with a CBS as coordinator ans INE PT as new partner in place of Statistcs Estonia. The activity is aimed at completing the methodology of the EGR version 2.0, based on a more integrated process where each MS participate as the authentic data provider for its resident part of the groups. All data on legal units received from MS are processed according to a unique system of identification, which assigns them a unique identifier. The EGR 2.0 is expected to  improve the efficiency and quality of the workflows with the Member States. The realisation of  tools for macro and micro validation for interactive updating of central EGR data is also part of the future development as this shall enable statisticians and register staff of NSIs and NCBs to consult, select and update EGR data from their remote workplaces.[/no-lexicon]

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