ESS Vision 2020 ADMIN (Administrative data sources)


The goal of this project is to help ESS Member States to make wider and better use of administrative sources in the production of official statistics. This means addressing the most typical challenges faced in the use of these sources: limited access to the data, the lack of quality of the sources, methodological issues related to the processing of the data and the integration of several sources. It it also important to ensure that the European statistics produced using administrative data are comparable across Member States and are of sufficient quality.




The project has a dual purpose: to support the EU Member States to reap the benefits (decrease costs and burden, increase of data availability) of using administrative data sources for the production of official statistics, and to guarantee the quality of the output produced using administrative sources, in particular the comparability of the statistics required for European purposes. The results of the work on the ESS Vision 2020 ADMIN should also be put at the service of on-going major projects such as the modernisation of social statistics or FRIBS. The work will be organised in seven work packages (WP):

- WP 1: Access to and development of administrative data sources
- WP 2: Statistical methods
- WP 3: Quality measures for statistics using administrative data
- WP 4: Eurostat as a (in)direct user of administrative data sources held or designed by the European Commission
- WP 5: Frames for social statistics
- WP 6: Pilots and applications
- WP 7: Centre of excellence on administrative data



At operational level, the ADMIN work will be supervised by two Steering Committees. In summer 2015 Eurostat invited the NSIs to nominate delegates to become members of the External Steering Committee. 11 Member States have volunteered to participate in the Committee (BE, CZ, DK, EL, ES, HR, AT, PL, SI, FI, UK). The External Steering Committee will meet at least twice per year (for some meetings participants may use video-conferencing). As financial matters cannot be discussed with Member States, these issues will be supervised internally by the Internal Steering Committee. This Committee was created at the start of the preparation period of the project and meets around 3-4 times per year. At strategic level, the Steering Committees will report regularly to the respective Directors (Directors of Methodology and the Directors' Meeting in Eurostat). The Directors of Social Statistics will be informed though the DIME. The Vision Implementation Group (VIG) is overseeing the portfolio of ESS Vision implementation projects. Progress reports including all the ESS Vision 2020 projects are being prepared regularly for the VIG. There is a plan to submit a mid-project report to the ESSC in 2017.


The ESS Vision 2020 ADMIN governance structure.

ESSC = European Statistical System Committee,

VIG = Vision Implementation Group,

DIME = Directors of Methodology,

DSS = Directors of Social Statistics,

DM = Directors´ Meeting (Eurostat).



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