ESSnet on quality of multisource statistics - KOMUSO

[no-lexicon]Welcome to the KOMUSO project!

The ESSnet on quality of multisource statistics (KOMUSO) is one of the instruments implementing the ESS.VIP ADMIN (Administrative data sources). It has to fulfil the following objectives within the four year period (2015-2019):

  • Take stock of the existing knowledge on quality assessment and reporting and review it critically in order to produce recommendations on the most suitable approaches;
  • Develop new indicators for the quality of the output based on multiple sources;
  • Produce a methodological framework for reporting on the quality of output;
  • Produce indicators relating to the quality of frames themselves and the data whose production is supported by frames;
  • Produce a methodological framework for assessing the quality of the frames used in social statistics; draft a proposal for minimum quality requirements for sampling frames for EU social statistics;
  • Produce recommendations on updating the ESS Standard and the ESS Handbook for Quality Reports.

The following NSIs participated in the project: SSB, Norway; DST, Denmark; LS, Lithuania; CSO, Ireland; KSH, Hungary; Istat, Italy; Statistics Austria; CBS, Netherlands.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at essnetadmin@ksh.hu


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