Name of the microdata access service
Eesti Statistika – Statistics Estonia
Postal address
Tatari 51 10134 Tallinn Estonia
Microdata access conditions
General conditions

Statistics Estonia can disseminate microdata (including confidential microdata) for scientific research purposes. Microdata may be accessed by legal persons or agencies, not freelance natural persons, after approval of a written application by the Confidentiality Committee (an internal body of Statistics Estonia), signature of an agreement with the legal person having submitted the application, and signature of a confidentiality pledge by all researchers involved in the project.

Conditions for non-resident researchers

Non-resident researchers may have access under the same conditions as national researchers.

Conditions for students

Master's and Doctoral students may have access under the same conditions as confirmed researchers.

How to apply & modes of access
Public Use Files

Data can be downloaded from the web and access is free, though registration is required.

Scientific Use Files

A written application must be submitted. Statistics Estonia provides an online form, but it is not required to use it provided the following information is included:
1) name of legal person or agency;
2) registration code of legal person or agency;
3) title of the research;
4) objective of the research;
5) name of the statistical action or a list of data necessary for the research;
6) data from other sources which the applicant wishes to link with the data applied for;
7) list of persons wishing to use the data;
8) if use of personal data is involved, confirmation by Data Protection Inspectorate that security measures are sufficient and, if there is an ethics committee, its advice;
9) if use of sensitive personal data is involved, confirmation by Data Protection Inspectorate that processing of sensitive personal data has been registered.
The Confidentiality Committee examines applications, looking at both risk of re- identification and sensitivity (potential impact of identification). If both are low, then data can be delivered to the user, on CD-ROM or via FTP server.

Secure Use Files

A written application must be submitted (as above) and is assessed by the Confidentiality Committee. If both risk of re-identification and sensitivity are high, then data can be accessed only through Statistics Estonia's onsite safe centres (in Tallinn and Tartu). If both are less high, then secure remote access can be used. In some cases a secure remote execution system is also available.

Details & practical information
How long does it take to obtain data?

From reception of an application, the Confidentiality Committee makes a decision within 10 working days. Actual access may take longer depending on the time it takes to prepare and sign the agreement (and if applicable, to prepare the data files).

How much does it cost?

Currently (July 2014), the use of remote execution service is free of charge. Use of confidential data in the safe centre is free of charge, though the user needs to pay for data preparation (EUR 100 for one dataset for one year; every subsequent year EUR 50). For data that needs further preparation, cost depends on the number of working hours needed, at a price of EUR 10.23 per hour (not subject to VAT).
These prices are expected to change later in 2014.

Information on access

Official Statistics Act: http://www.legaltext.ee/text/en/XXXXX42K1.htm
Other legal documents: http://www.stat.ee/legal-acts
Online access to Public Use Files: http://www.stat.ee/51926
Application form: http://www.stat.ee/dokumendid/51806
Prices: http://www.stat.ee/standards-of-services
Access to safe centre: http://www.stat.ee/dokumendid/51771
Remote execution service: http://www.stat.ee/dokumendid/55504

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