Flash Estimates of Income and Poverty Indicators

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The project stems from the need to provide timelier data on income, poverty, and social exclusion in order to feed the discussions in the context of the European Semester (including the early alert mechanism and the MIP).

Timeliness of survey data on income and inequality can be improved, but for maintaining an appropriate level of quality, these improvements have limits; in the best case scenario, SILC data on income year N-1 could be available early year N+1.
Therefore, for providing earlier information an approach based on modelling (nowcasting) is necessary.

For the moment flash estimates for indicators concerning the evolution of income distribution year N-1 are released  in the beginning of the Semester (autumn year N). For the latest results on flash estimates 2017 please see https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/web/experimental-statistics/income-inequal....

The current work is focused on two methodological streams:
1) Evolution of income components (microsimulation)
2) Current income

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