GSBPM: Generic Statistical Business Process Model (Theme)


The Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM) is a means to describe statistics production in a general and process-oriented way. It is used both within and between statistical offices as a common basis for work with statistics production in different ways, such as quality, efficiency, standardisation, and process-orientation. It is used for all types of surveys, and "business" is not related to "business statistics" but refers to the statistical office, simply expressed. The GSBPM has been used as a basis for this handbook, in line with the instruction from Eurostat on using standards. The model is described below in brief.

The handbook is structured with some twenty topics. These topics are related to the GSBPM, but they do not correspond precisely with the phases and sub-processes. There is an inherent difference in that this handbook is restricted to methodology. A mapping between the GSBPM sub-processes and the handbook topics is provided, and some further comments are made.


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