Horizon 2020

What is Horizon 2020?

Horizon 2020 (H2020) is the European Research Framework Programme for 2014-2020:


Next Work Programme 2018 - 2020

The 2018-2020 Work Programme is now prepublished


In particular we suggest examining  the programme  Societal Challenge 'Europe in a changing world – Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies' (SC6) where for some calls the cooperation with official statistics is mentioned.

The SC6 draft programme is at


The calls will soon be published on the Participant portal:


How to respond to a call?

Please note that Eurostat is not involved at all in the submission procedure; any submission takes place via the Participant portal, and it is the Participant portal that is the authoritative source of information regarding submission of research proposals.

Research lines of interest for official statistics

Eurostat will endeavour to draw the attention of the official statistics research community to calls regarding research of potential relevance to official statistics.

Please note that the list below is by no means exhaustive; you are invited to study the 2018-2020 full programme yourself to get the full picture.


As stated above, the list provided below is by no means exhaustive.

If there are Horizon 2020 research lines in the 2018-20 programme which you think should be brought to the attention of the official statististics research community, you are most welcome to suggest them for inclusion in this presentation by means of the "comment" facility at the bottom of this page (under the heading "add new comment" - available to you once you've logged in to the CROS portal).

List of research lines

In the below list, please find links current calls deemed to be of potential interest (thematically grouped):

NTTS 2013: Session 12A - Evening session on Horizon 2020