How to request support on EDAMIS

To request support, users can contact the EDAMIS team (ESTAT-DATA-METADATA-SERVICES@ec.europa.eu) or the National Transmission Coordinator (TCO). Depending on the country, the TCO may have responsabilities only for the National Statistical Institute (NSI) or for other national organisations as well.

To make it easier for users to request support, a contact form is integrated in the EDAMIS application. You can find below how it works:

1. Click on the "CONTACT US" menu button. A screen with a contact form will then open.

2. Select the recipients of your message from the available options in the "To" field. By selecting the "EDAMIS Support" option, an email will be sent to Eurostat's EDAMIS support team. By selecting "EDAMIS Support and TCO", the email will be sent also to the national Transmission Coordinator if one exists fot the user's organisation.

Enter the subject and the content of your message.

3. Click on Submit to send the message. A copy of the message is sent to the email address of the requesting user.