Is it possible to change a transmission's metadata once a file has been submitted?

Once a file has been submitted, it is still possible to change the transmission metadata. This can be useful in case a file was transmitted with the wrong transmission metadata (e.g. a file was sent with the wrong datasets or the wrong year / period). To do this, you will need to contact the EDAMIS support team (ESTAT-DATA-METADATA-SERVICES@ec.europa.eu) and provide the list of transmissions that need to be modified, along with the elements that need to be modified for each transmission.

Below you will find the metadata attributes that can be changed:
      - Dataset
      - Year
      - Period
      - Provided on

A transmission can also be deleted, if needed.

How can I see that the metadata for a given transmission has been changed?

When a change is made to the metadata of a transmission, the “Datafiles traffic report” will display the original transmission (before the changes) with a colored identifier next to it:

  • Red circle: the transmission was deleted


  • Blue circle: the transmission metadata was changed. By clicking on the blue circle another row will be displayed which contains the modified transmission.

     The original transmission in the DFT (with the blue circle, signaling the presence of a  change):


     The modified transmission in the DFT (after clicking on the blue circle – the dataset name was changed):


What is the impact of changing the metadata of a transmission?

A change in the transmission metadata will impact the "Coverage indicator” and the “Timetable between dates detailed”. These reports, which are used to track whether data providers have complied to their reporting obligations, will take into account the changes to the transmission metadata, i.e. the modified transmissions will be displayed.