Name of the microdata access service
Latvijas Statistika (Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia)
Postal address
Lāčplēša Street 1 Riga, LV-1301 (Latvia)
Microdata access conditions
General conditions

CSB provides two types of anonymized respondent-level data from social surveys (no business data). A small set of highly anonymised data from Labour Force Surveys is available online and can be used for teaching purposes. Other anonymised individual data are made available exclusively for scientific purposes, upon application and signature of a contract, and under the condition that results of research shall be published and have potential to benefit society as a whole. No other uses are authorized for these data.
CSB also provides more detailed data for research, from which direct identifiers have been removed, through its secure remote access facility.

Conditions for non-resident researchers

Non-resident researchers may have access under the same conditions as national researchers.

Conditions for students

Post-graduate and Doctoral students writing a dissertation / thesis may have access on a need-to-know basis.

How to apply & modes of access
Public Use Files

These are anonymised respondent-level data for teaching, derived from Labour Force Surveys and made available online, subject to registration.

Scientific Use Files

These are anonymised data for research, from social surveys. A request must be submitted using the application form available online. The applicant needs to provide a description of the project to be undertaken, plans for publication, description of the data needed. CSB's Confidentiality Committee evaluates applications and makes a decision, also consulting the data producing unit. If the request is accepted, then a contract must be signed between the researcher and CSB.

Secure Use Files

A request must be submitted (as above).

Details & practical information
How long does it take to obtain data?

Access to anonymised data for teaching is immediate after registration. Access to research files, whether through scientific use files or remote access, depends on authorisation by the Confidentiality Committee, normally within 10 days of receipt of application.

How much does it cost?

Access to teaching data is free, while access to research files is chargeable according to rules outlined online.

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