Name of the microdata access service
Lietuvos Statistikos Departementas
Postal address
29 Gedimino Ave LT-01500 Vilnius (Lithuania)
Microdata access conditions
General conditions

Respondent-level statistical data can be made available in two forms. Highly anonymised data from some social surveys, that allow neither direct nor indirect re- identification of statistical units (public use files), are available to all for use. Other microdata, with direct identifiers removed, are available exclusively for scientific purposes; only researchers with an employment contract with higher education or research institutions as identified in Lithuanian law, can apply.
Statistics Lithuania currently carries out a project which will allow scientific institutions to work with microdata via secure Internet connection. After certain procedures (checking of the institution, signing of a contract, etc.), the microdata requested are prepared and uploaded to a special server. Users can receive only tabular results, previously inspected by the specialists of Statistics Lithuania.

Conditions for non-resident researchers

Non-resident researchers, whose institutions qualify as Higher Education or Research Institutions, may have access under the same conditions as national researchers.

Conditions for students

Doctoral students preparing their thesis may have access under the same conditions as confirmed researchers; undergraduate and postgraduate (master's) students are allowed to access only public use files and cannot apply for research-use data.

How to apply & modes of access
Public Use Files

Public use files are available free-of-charge, and under no pre-condition, from the website of Statistics Lithuania. Public use files may also be made on demand (but the preparation service is chargeable); once prepared, the files are made available freely to the public from the web.

Scientific Use Files

The prospective user must submit a written application detailing the intended purpose of data use; description of data requested; names of all persons involved in the analysis; and timing. The application must be signed by the head of the institution of the researcher, or an authorized representative. The application is then received by the dissemination section of Statistics Lithuania and, if it is approved, a contract is prepared which specifies the conditions, timing and mode of the data release, price to be paid, and obligations of the parties. The contract is signed by Statistics Lithuania & a representative of the institution of the researcher(s). The latter must also sign a pledge, with a commitment to protect the confidentiality of the data, not to release data to third parties, to use the data only for the agreed purposes, and to destroy the data after completion of the project. Once the agreement is in place and the contract has been signed, the data can be released, usually on CD-ROM.

Secure Use Files

The possibility of a secure mode of access is being considered.

Details & practical information
How long does it take to obtain data?

Access to public use files is immediate. Access to scientific se files which requires an application and contract to be signed, takes more time. After a user has submitted an application, Statistics Lithuania makes a decision within 3 working days; then, all depends on the time needed to draft the contract and if applicable, to prepare the data. Once the contract is in place, the user has 5 working days to make any necessary payment.

How much does it cost?

Preparation of files (whether for public or scientific use) is chargeable at a price that depends on time spent on it, at an average hourly rate annually approved by the Director General of Statistics Lithuania (in 2014, EUR 10).

Information on access
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