Name of the microdata access service
National Institute of statistics and economic studies of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (STATEC)
Postal address
B.P. 304 L-2013 Luxembourg Grand-Duché de Luxembourg
Microdata access conditions
General conditions

For scientific purposes, STATEC may grant access to confidential data on its premises. The admissibility of the request for and the authorisation of access to the confidential data for scientific purposes are subject to the assessment of the merits and the scientific interest of the research projects for which the authorisation is requested, and also to the assessment of the scientific qualification of the applicant(s). The terms and conditions of access are determined by STATEC. The studies and results of the research that are likely to be published or disseminated are checked by STATEC to avoid the disclosure of confidential data.
Information that can lead to identification of a statistical unit cannot, under any circumstances, be disclosed.

How to apply & modes of access
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