Name of the microdata access service
National Statistics Office - NSO
Postal address
Lascaris - Valletta VLT 2000 (Malta)
Microdata access conditions
General conditions

Microdata access is only granted under strict conditions to a selected number of institutions or persons accredited as “research entities” or “researchers” for use in research projects. To be accredited, applicants have to demonstrate their knowledge and experience for handling potentially disclosive personal information. They also have to provide evidence that illustrates professionalism and technical competence. They have to demonstrate a commitment to protecting and maintaining the confidentiality of the data.

Conditions for non-resident researchers

Conditions under which access to confidential data is granted is identical for Maltese and non-Maltese residents.

Conditions for students

Same as above. Microdata access is not granted to students following an undergraduate program of study as opposed to postgraduate students, for whom access to microata is given under the same conditions specified above.

How to apply & modes of access
Public Use Files

It is not possible for external researches to access public use files at NSO.

Scientific Use Files

Access is given by NSO. Researchers should download and fill in an application form, providing personal information, characteristics of the research project and the type of microdata being requested. A declaration form has to be signed and sent by email or post. The application form is evaluated by the Statistical Disclosure Control Committee at NSO. If it is approved, the applicant will receive a formal contract agreement stating responsibilities for the security of microdata. Once the formal contract agreement is agreed upon and signed by the research entity or researcher and NSO, access to confidential data is granted for a definite period.

Secure Use Files

It is not possible for external researches to access secure use files at NSO.

Details & practical information
How long does it take to obtain data?

Timeframes are subject to various issues, such as the anonymisation rules to be applied on the data, approval of the corresponding terms and conditions as well as the agreement which must be signed by both the research entity and the NSO. On average this is a matter of two-three weeks.

How much does it cost?

Cost is calculated on a case by case basis. A cost recovery charge is normally applied which is calculated on an hourly basis equivalent to a Statistician’s rate.

Information on access
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