Manual Integration (Theme)


Macro-integration is the process to integrate data from different sources on an aggregate level, to enable a coherent analysis of the data. Although this definition looks very clear it raises many questions. In this module on macro-integration or balancing as it is often called, macro-integration is illustrated using the supply use system of the national accounts as an example. In this case macrointegration means resolving inconsistencies between independent source data which are the base for estimates of the individual cells of the supply use tables (SUT). Inconsistencies become apparent by violating the identities of the system.

Macro-integration is detection of, search for causes and definition of solutions for the reconciliation of inconsistencies within the limits of identities which have to be fulfilled and a plausible outcome.

At least part of macro-integration needs to be done manually because the causes of inconsistencies have often a non-statistical character and cannot be caught in robust rules.


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