Mixed Mode Data Collection (Theme)


In this theme module we will discuss mixed-mode data collection designs in business surveys, with the term ‘survey’ in the limited sense of ‘data collection’ from businesses. This topic is of great relevance, since at present many NSIs around the world are moving from uni-mode to mixed-mode designs. When talking about modes in surveys we can distinguish between modes (or channels) of communication as used in a contact or survey communication strategy (like advance and reminder letters, telephone follow-up, etc.), and data collection modes, i.e., the mode used for the questionnaire or the delivery of the data. In this module we focus on data collection modes.

First we will give a general introduction to uni-mode and mixed-mode designs, discussing the characteristics of the various data collection modes. From there we will move on to discussing mixing modes in business surveys, with a focus on the web as a primary mode. This includes a brief discussion on a design for large and multi-surveyed businesses. We conclude with an overview of implementation steps.


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