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The Blind Men and the Elephant

Main objectives: A. To define the feasibility and the scope of ‘profiling’ large and complex MNEs;

B. The development of a common conceptual framework, methodology , rules and standards for ‘profiling’;

C. The development of process descriptions, tools, operational guidelines and quality assurance of profiling

D. The development of models for the organization and financing of ‘profiling’;

E. Testing and implementing ‘profiling’;

F. The development of a model for sharing of ‘profiles’ (including legal framework)

Work Packages:

  • Work package M: Management and Administration of the ESSnet Profiling
  • Work package A: Feasibility study
  • Work package B: Conceptual framework, methodology, rules and standards
  • Work package C: Process/work flows, tools, operational guidelines and quality control for profiling, organisational and financial models
  • Work package D: Testing and implementation
  • Work package E: Sharing profiles and legal framework  

Output of the first SGA


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