SDMX Converter API

SDMX Converter API

The SDMX Converter API is a programming interface for accessing the SDMX Converter when deployed as a Java library. Using the SDMX Converter API, developers can directly integrate the functionality of the SDMX Converter in their programs, thus avoiding the need for running external processes for the command line utility, or implementing a Converter Web Service client.

The Converter API is a set of Java libraries on top of the SDMX Source, an open-source library that implements the SDMX Information Model (IM) and provides the infrastructure for managing SDMX structures and reading and writing datasets in various SDMX-ML formats. The Converter API is designed to be integrated in user programs through the standard development environments such as Maven and Eclipse.

See the attached SDMX IT Java Student Book for more information.



The software is available for download.



For queries on the SDMX Converter API please send an email to ESTAT-SUPPORT-SDMX@ec.europa.eu