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Seasonal adjustment (SA) is an important process step of the official statistics business architecture and since the 1990s Eurostat has been playing a leading role in the harmonisation of practices in the European Statistical System (ESS).

The general purpose of the Seasonal Adjustment Center of Excellence (SACE) is to provide assistance and services to the ESS and the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) in their SA activities in general; more specifically the SACE will aim to support and assist ESS and ESCB members in implementing JDemetra+ and thus to ensure a successful release of the tool as a reliable and user friendly production instrument for official statistics. An effective migration by National Statistical Institutes (NSIs) and National Central Banks (NCBs) to JDemetra+ for statistical production purposes is a key objective for the SACC, providing the main straightforward measure of success as regards adoption rate.

The SACE is composed of five NSIs (France, Italy, Latvia, Portugal and United Kingdom), one CB (Banque Nationale de Belgique), and one international expert from the National Bank of Poland. The developer’s group, foreseen to closely collaborate with the SACE, is composed of staff at the Banque Nationale de Belgique and the Bundesbank .

The SACE therefore has a central role to play in facilitating the migration by ensuring JDemetra+ is fit to enter into production, through user testing, provision of usability features such as high quality documentation, addressing missing functionality, and elaborating a sustainable model in the maintenance and further development of JDemetra+ over the next decade.

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