Software JDemetra+

JDemetra+ is a tool for seasonal adjustment (SA) developed by the National Bank of Belgium (NBB) in cooperation with the Deutsche Bundesbank and Eurostat in accordance with the Guidelines of the European Statistical System (ESS).

JDemetra+ has been officially recommended, since 2 February 2015, to the members of the ESS and the European System of Central Banks as software for seasonal and calendar adjustment of official statistics.

JDemetra+ implements the concepts and algorithms used in the two leading SA methods: TRAMO/SEATS and X-12ARIMA. Those methods have been re-engineered using an object-oriented approach that enables easier handling, extensions and modifications.

Besides seasonal adjustment, JDemetra+ bundles other time series models that are useful in the production or analysis of economic statistics, including for instance outlier detection, nowcasting, temporal disaggregation or benchmarking.

From a technical point of view, JDemetra+ is a collection of reusable and extensible Java components, which can be easily accessed through a rich graphical interface. The software is a free and open-source software (FOSS) developed under the EUPL licence.

For questions, please contact the ESS Seasonal Adjustment helpdesk.