The Statistical Units and the Business Register (Theme)


This module provides a systematic review of Statistical Units and serves as guidance for the construction of Statistical Units which are key elements of the whole statistical production system at the field of Business Statistics. The author makes use of the operationalisations from the national practices in order to make the document more understandable.

The content of this module was divided into two main chapters. The first main chapter is the more theoretical part aiming to give a general insight of the theme from the legal aspect. This chapter is the ‘Concepts and types of Statistical Units’ which lists and details the statistical units, the criteria used, types of Statistical Units and the implementations explanatory notes.

The second main chapter is more practical aiming to explain the common issues of the implementation. This chapter is ‘The practical statistical use of Statistical Units’ which deals with uses of the Statistical Units in the different European systems, Statistical Units in the Business Register (BR), the ‘Satellite registers’ of the BR and finally the topic ‘Profiling’ of the Statistical Units.


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