Survey Frames for Business Surveys (Theme)


The survey frame identifies and lists the units of the population altogether with their contact information, economic and geographic classifications and size categories. In the case of a sampling survey, it serves as a sampling frame. The survey frame supports accessing the data supplier and personalising and mailing the questionnaires. Furthermore, it has a role in the controlling and monitoring of the data collection phase, it helps to register and validate responses and to urge and evaluate non-responses. The survey frame gives information for the weighting, grossing, micro-integration and analysing phases of the survey process as well.

For business statistical surveys, the main sources of the survey frame are the business register and the connecting satellite registers which record and maintain the statistical units and their characteristics.

The survey frame of a particular survey instance uses a snapshot of the register, a frozen register state for a given date. Since the business register serves as a base for different surveys, it is worth creating a master frame that is used as a common frame for these surveys. The master frame and the predefined subpopulations help to compose survey frames and support the integration of different surveys. Integrated survey frames improve the effectiveness of the data collection and the whole survey process and also help to reduce response burden.


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