Visibility of published metadata files

National and European metadata reports are compiled by national and European users respectively before they are validated by the latter. Only after each metadata report has been validated it may become eligible for publication. More detailed information about this process is available at the metadata workflow.


If the status of a metadata reads published but it is still not visible on Eurostat’s database the reason may be explained by one of the following two common issues:

  • The ESS-MH and the Eurostat’s database are synchronized twice a day: at 11 AM and 11 PM. Metadata reports which are to be published for the first time will only become available after the next synchronisation. Example if a new metadata report is published at 11:30 AM it will not be displayed on Eurostat database until 11 PM.
  • A metadata report may not be visible due to the way that internet browsers work. A metadata report may be already be visible but your browser may be reusing the information from a previous search and thus failing to display it on your device. This known issue can be easily solved by clearing your browser’s data. Depending on your browser, please select and follow the corresponding procedure:
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari 

If the metadata report is still not visible after enough time has passed since the metadata report was published and your browser’s data was cleaned please do contact us at estat-data-metadata-services@ec.europa.eu.