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Work Package 2 – OJA and OBEC software

Work Package 2 – OJA and OBEC software

This work package is being carried out by 11 of the Web Intelligence Network partners: GUS (Poland) will be leading, with contributions from: STATA (Austria), NSI (Bulgaria), DESTATIS (Germany), HSL (Germany),  DARES (France), ISTAT (Italy), LT (Lithuania), CBS (Netherlands), SE (Sweden), SI (Slovenia) and FSO (Switzerland).

The aim of Work Package 2 (WP2) is to move Online Job Advertisements (OJA) and Online Based Enterprise Characteristics (OBEC) use cases into the production environment. The work will be based mostly on the achievements of the Online Job Vacancies and Enterprise Characteristics work of the previous ESSnet Big Data projects.

WP2 will involve 4 main sub-tasks: 

  1. Development of the software for OBEC data collecting, processing and analysing – this will take into account the software developed in previous ESSnet projects and will develop this further to improve functionality
  2. Development of the software for OJA data collecting, processing and analysing – depending on the data sources, this sub-task aims to develop a complex method to collect, process and analyse the data as well as evaluate the quality of the data and propose a final set of indicators to be moved to production. This work will be done parallelly with the Eurostat implementation of OJA based on their cooperation with third party enterprises. The goal is to achieve synergy effect based on all previous implementations of OJA statistics into statistical production, including NSI’s, Eurostat and external companies experience.
  3. Preparation of the suggested indicators to move to environmental production – this sub-task aims to prepare a set of indicators, that will be discussed with Work Package 4 regarding their quality and methodology. New indicators will be published, with respect to the web data in official Eurostat’s metadata repository (methodological dictionary) and publish selected data in Eurostat’s database (Eurostat’s Concepts and Definitions Database as well as equivalent glossaries).
  4. Implementation of requirements provided by the WISER group – the work will focus on the preparation of a document that contains all requirements provided by the WISER group regarding OJA and OBEC, with an assessment of the possibility for implementation.  If it is possible to implement, the development will be done within tasks 1 or 2 above, respectively.

The software implemented will reflect the recommendations provided by Work Package 4 in terms of business architecture, quality and methodology.